Monday, October 3, 2011

Short Answer Test #1 (30 points)

Lipstick Traces p. 1-22

Due: Thu Oct 6

Learning Outcome: understand and discuss complex reading and discussion

Respond to three of the following prompts in 2-3 sentences each. Feel free to use quotations from the text if you’d like, but make sure to include a page number immediately following any quotation.

1. How does the dada poem on pages 3-4 “break the rules?” Which rules does it break and how?

2. Explain the following quote: “Damning God and the state, work and leisure, home and family, sex and play, the audience and itself, the [Sex Pistols’] music briefly made it possible to experience all those things as if they were not natural facts but ideological constructs: things that had been made and therefore could be altered, or done away with altogether” (Marcus 5).

3. Explain the difference between nihilism and negation as presented on pages 8-9.

4. Explain the difference between the “language of protest” and the language of negation, as discussed on page 12.

5. Describe Greil Marcus’ research methodology as he explains it on pages 19-22.

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