Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011


If you had a problem submitting your Boolean Library Assignment to Catalyst, use this link instead.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Library Assignment (10 points)

TUES Nov 22 - meet in the Library.
Please download and complete this worksheet on Boolean searches before your Library Workshop on Tues Nov 22.

Once you have completed the worksheet, upload it to Catalyst. You will need to use your UW NetID to assess the Catalyst dropbox. This assignment is worth 10 points.

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy is here to stay

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Final Research Project

English 102 Final Research Project (150 points)

Due Th 12/15 (including outline, one copy of first draft, peer review sheets, and revision reflection)

This MLA research paper should be about 10-12 paragraphs long (approx. 6-10 pages). The topic should synthesize expert analyses of an artist, group, or movement. The paper could focus entirely on one artist or look at three artists from a specific group or art movement. The argument should concern how the artist or group exposes the ideologies of the time, socially and/or artistically.

The body of the paper should be divided into three subtopics, each supported by three “meaty” quotations. The quotations should present a complex intersection of 3-4 ideas. The quotations should include an expert’s analysis. You will need approximate nine quotations to write the body of this paper.

Your outline should be an expanded version of the 5-paragraph outline from our Mini-Research Project. The paper will need an introduction (1-2 paragraphs) that provides background information and context and includes a thesis statement (topic, argument, subtopics). Each subtopic in the body should include approx. 3 paragraphs, each built around a complex quotes. Continue to follow the logic of the body paragraphs from the Mini-Research Project (topic sentence, evidence, explanation, analysis, connection). The conclusion should restate the thesis, pull the subtopics together, and suggest potential ramifications.

Due Dates:
T 11/22: Topic due - This class will be our second library workshop. It would wise to choose your topic or topic area before this class.
T 11/29: Annotated Bibliography (50 points) - This bibliography must include at least 10 sources. The annotated bibliography must be in MLA format (like your Works Cited page). The biggest difference between these two are that the annotated bibliography is handed in before the paper, and it must include a brief summary of each source. See the links on class blog for examples.
T 11/29: Thesis Statement (30 points) - (must include topic, argument, and subtopics)
T 12/6: Outline (30 points) - (must include all quotations)
T 12/13: First Draft (15 points) - (must include Works Cited page. BRING 4 COPIES)
TH 12/15: Final Draft due (must include outline, one copy of first draft, peer review sheets, and revision reflection (15 points))

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

mid-quarter check-in

After turning in your Mini-Research Project, please respond anonymously to the following prompts. Send your responses (without your name) to the class room printer, and I will pick them up after class:

1. How are things going for you in class?

2. What can I do to better support your learning?

3. What can you and/or your classmates do to better support your learning?

4. What adjustments to the class' format or structure would better support your learning? Please explain.